Saturday, September 20, 2008

JJ's Pink Eye

I had been at work on Monday for a little over an hour when I received a phone call from JJ's preschool teacher. She requested I come back and pick JJ up immediately as he had pink eye, and it was apparently oozing from the corners. My first reaction was surprise, because I hadn't noticed any "pinkness" to his eyes that morning, followed by embarrassment that I could possibly be one of the worst mothers in Northwest Ohio for not knowing when my kid was sick.
And then I got over it - rather quickly - and became angered when the teacher told me that they had 3 reported cases in their class last week.

Isn't this something that should be shared with parents? Did they possibly tell Jerret when he picked JJ up one afternoon and he forgot to say anything? I was very surprised to hear that they in fact did not mention this to parents. JJ goes to a very reputable school and I would think it their policy to share such information.

Anyway - a call to the doctor, a day off of work, and a $60 prescription later we are rid of the pink eye. Getting those drops in his eye was a chore and a half. JJ hated the medication and would close his eyes as tight as he could, with both hands over the eye so that we could not get the drops in. It took Jerret to hold JJ and his hands down while I tried to force open the super-closed eye and squirt in a drop or two. JJ was usually in tears by the end of the whole ordeal and then I wondered if he was just crying out the medication I had just squirted in. All in all, it only lasted about 24 hours and then he was as good as new.


Tapsalteerie said...

ugh! Pinkeye isn't fun. None of my guys have had it, but eye things are not fun with kids at all.

Glad to here JJ is better!

Hope you are doing well too!

Michelle said...

the worst is when you find that you have it! I am always amazed at the information that doesn't get passed along from school/daycare!