Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is Anyone Else Fascinated By This?

I am fascinated by this boy's physique.  Is this normal for a 4-yr old?  Those muscles are so defined, so distinct.  I guess he has good genes! Now that he can be thankful for.  He has perfectly-toned muscles without even trying and doesn' thave to live in fear that he will one day inherit the badonkadonk of his mother.  His sister though....

The kids are having a blast living it up in the pool at Nana's house.  They probably go swimming 4 times a week and seem to never grow tired of it.  Lynde hates when it is time to go/get out for a minute/eat and would stay at the pool 24/7 if she could!  She fell in the bathtub a couple of weeks ago and split her eye wide-open.  I was just standing up to lift her out and in that short time she managed to slip and fall.  Let it be a lesson to us all.  Luckily it was a pretty clean cut, and although the blood had me pretty spooked, it didn't require stitches and healed up rather quickly.