Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Man

We're making potty progress. Not perfect yet, and still need diapers through the night, but he's gone twice now. He's just getting too big.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Powered Donuts

We've made some huge strides with potty training over the past couple of days. After all of the toys, movies, and trips to the zoo we bought; who knew the magic treat would be miniature powered donuts. I never buy donuts, and don't really keep sweets in the house, but while JJ and I were at the store the other day he grabbed a box of miniature powered donuts and said "I need these mom." So I told him, "Oh, well, these are only for big boys who know how to sit on the potty". When we got home he decided that it was time to figure out how to sit on the potty and totally went, and then had a donut as his reward.
The kid ate an entire box himself over the weekend, but it works for now so we will go with the flow (haha - flow). JJ is now getting up and going to the potty all on his own...and then he immediately runs out into the kitchen and gets out a powered donut, proudly proclaiming "I'm a big boy, I go potty!" Our big problem has been getting him to go #2. We're making progress, slowly.
Other than that we are just enjoying our summer. Here's a pic of Jack at the Hartman pond, and a pic of his "Ninny Jo"