Wednesday, September 10, 2008

JJ's New Ride

Jerret was finally able to figure out how to get the bike seat onto my bike so that we could take JJ for rides. ...Well, he can. Obviously I cannot get my butt up on a bike at this point in time. JJ was in heaven and very excited. He was not so excited about wearing the helmet, but he kept it on after all.

I was outside taking pictures of the two of them as they rode around the block and waited and waited for them to come back around, and then decided to start walking to look for them (thinking maybe the chain broke, or the seat didn't stay put or something...) Anyway, little did I know that Jerret decided to ride all the way to his parents house - 3 miles away!

And here is a picture of JJ entertaining himself with an empty box at Jerret's work party...

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SCmartins said...

We need one of those seats! I am not much of a bike rider - but would love to send ALL the kiddos with their Dad when they go bike riding!!