Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Red Vs. Black

Wow – I feel like it’s been forever. I am so sorry to leave you all hanging my humble readers. Work has been crazy busy, Jerret’s been traveling, blah blah blah…excuses, excuses. Regardless, I am back and we are doing just great. Baby girl is now 10 months old and started walking already. JJ is a great big brother and is learning that patience is a virtue and he should practice with his sister.

JJ has a ton of energy, like all 3 ½ yr. olds. He wanted to be spiderman for Halloween and that has turned into dressing as spiderman every day since. His Nana bought him the black spiderman costume after the holiday and now he alternates between “good spidey” and the “bad spiderman.” Last night JJ was wearing his costume again and Jerret was trying to get his attention and he kept saying “Jack! Jack!” and JJ just turned around and said – “No dad, call me Spiderman!”   He does these wacky spiderman poses and will strike a pose at any given moment.  (check out the pic to see what I am talking about).

A few days ago was the big Ohio State vs. Michigan football game (Go Bucks!) and Jerret had gone to the game so the kids and I were left at home to watch it on the big screen. JJ was so funny trying to imitate the players. He wore his Ohio State football jersey and suddenly ran into his room and grabbed a buckeye hat and his football, came back into the living room, got down on one knee and said “Blue 16! Hike, Hike!” and would take off running from the living room to the kitchen, around and around. This went on over and over for about 15 minutes.

The next day when Jerret was home the two of them took a trip to the store and when they came home JJ was crying hysterically. I noticed he was holding a brand new Ohio State Buckeyes football and asked what the problem was. He said “My daddy’s mean! I wanted the Michigan ball! We could not believe our ears! I told Jerret to take him back to the store because he obviously brought the wrong kid home by mistake. JJ was so upset and could not be consoled. I told him to go to his bed until he could stop crying and that he was not being nice to his daddy who just bought him a great gift. A couple of minutes later he was still crying, sitting on his bed holding the Ohio State football and saying “I don’t like Ohio State!” Now, let me remind you that this kid has an entire Buckeyes-themed bedroom. Here he was sitting on an OSU comforter, holding the OSU football, wearing an OSU jersey, brutus the buckeye hanging from the bedpost, woody hayes’ words of wisdom speaking to him from the wall, and an Ohio state something-or-other every which way you turn, and the kid is just crying because he wants that Michigan ball. I told him that it was fine if he didn’t like Ohio State, but then I was going to pack up all of his OSU toys and blankets and ship them to the kids in Kyrgyzstan who would love to have such things. This finally quieted him and it was obvious he didn’t want me to touch he beloved buckeye gear. We are guessing that he is equating the OSU (red) vs. Michigan (blue) rivalry with that of the red vs. black spiderman and he just wants to be able to play with both.