Saturday, October 03, 2009

Jack and Jadyn

Jerret's work sponsered a day at the local apple orchard this weekend. Of course, the weather didn't want to cooperate and it was cold and rainy but we took the kids and had fun anyway. The baby was sick and we didn't want her out in the nasty weather so she stayed behind and we took my neice Jadyn with us. JJ and Jadyn picked half a bushel of apples, had their faces painted, rode ponies, ate donuts, and both absolutely refused to drink the cider. Why is it that some people don't like cider? I think it tastes just like apple juice (and I am a pretty selective eater myself).

It ended up being a really good day. Having Jadyn helped me to get a glimpse of what I can expect when Lynde gets older. Jadyn had to go potty while we were out there and of course, they were lovely port-a-potties. I went to help Jadyn up on the seat and my paranoia set in immediately...what if she falls in? How deep are these things? Can she fit through that hole in the seat? I'm sure she can.....oh Jadyn, hurry honey....Dont' wiggle around! Use your hands to hold you up...yuck she is totally touching that toilet seat....

Jadyn rode Rusty. The pony "neighed" really loud and Jack suddenly wanted to get off.

Jack was so scary with this spider on his face! He wanted to wear the pirate patch so I insisted that he wear the earing too.

Jack's face broke out in purple dots immediately after rolling in the hay. Is he allergic to hay, or it is just a specific kind that caused this? (Shea???....)