Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our Little Monkey

We bought JJ the cutest monkey costume for Halloween. Jerret's parents were over and we couldn't resist putting it on him. It just barely fits, but we had a blast watching him run around the house for half an hour dressed like a monkey. I felt really guilty after we took it off because the silk lining made him sweat terribly! Who knew they made such high-quality costumes these days? I still remember the year my brother was Boss Hog and I was a police girl. We had those cheap plastic costumes that barely fit right over your clothes. And they had the even cheaper plastic masks that fit over your head, but didn't actually fit quite right. You couldn't really see out of the eye holes because they were so small and didn't line up with your eyes the way they should have. And you couldn't really breathe out of the nose holes because they were way too small so mom would have use scissors to make them bigger.

Tonight is my step-dad's 60th birthday so we will be going over there to celebrate with him. I remember when he turned 40 he told me that he didn't feel any different than he did when he was 18 years old. I wonder if he still feels that way.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Our Day At The Point

Jerret and I took our three nephews to Cedar Point on Sunday. They boys were so excited to go and talked the entire way there about which rides they would and wouldn't go on, and what they wanted to ride first. It was unseasonably hot for October - 90+ degrees outside. Today it was down to 60!

The day didn't start out so great as AJ was literally 1 inch too short to ride most of the rides. 48 inches is the standard for the majority of the roller coasters, and Raymond and Tyler were easily tall enough to ride whatever they wanted. For our first ride, we went to the "Blue Streak," one of the smaller, older coasters. AJ was all set to get in line when the gate keeper came up with her red and white stripped stick and made him stand next to it to check his height. When the lady announced that he was too short to ride, I told Jerret to go ahead with the boys and I would stay behind with AJ. Right away AJ started to cry and began saying things like he was never going to go to Cedar Point again because they wouldn't let him on the rides. I tried to calmly explain to him that he was a growing boy and that when he came back next year, he will have grown 4 inches and will easily get on whatever ride he wanted. He looked a little puzzled and then announced, as if a light bulb had just went off in his head, that he needed some good food to eat while we were there and maybe by the end of the day he will have grown enough to ride the roller coasters.

We had a great time and were all exhausted by the end of the day. I went to bed early and didn't want to get up for work Monday morning. I can't even imagine how those boys must have felt going to school! Yeah - it was Columbus Day and they had to go to school. I asked them why they didn't get the day off and Raymond answered "We don't celebrate Christopher Columbus; he never found America." I thought that was funny...
Raymond riding the "cups" as he calls them.

Tyler and AJ also riding the cups. This was AJ's first ride.

The boys waiting in line for a ride.

Can you tell it was game day? Jerret insists that JJ wear Ohio State gear on Saturdays.

He's getting pretty good with that spoon!