Monday, September 29, 2008

JJ's First Wedding

Jerret's cousin Lisa was married down in Bluffton last weekend and JJ got to attend his first wedding. He actually did really well during the ceremony. I guess I consider doing well not making any noise and no loud interruptions. He mopped the floor with his sweater a few times and kept going back and forth between us and Jerret's parents who were in the pew in front of us. He had a ball dancing in the middle of the dance floor, all by himself. He found a little friend and decided to dance with her too. We stopped at McDonald's between the wedding and the reception and tried to work out some of the kid's energy. He loved it.

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SCmartins said...

JJ looks like such a little gentleman at the wedding! People keep telling me it won't be long until they're grown up. I'm starting to believe it - with my oldest one turning 11 this past week.