Thursday, May 27, 2010

He's 4!! tear:(

These kids are growing like crazy; I can barely keep up!  JJ is very into "make-believe" right now and still gets down on all fours, galloping across the yard declaring "I'm a tiger!" to anyone who will listen.  He has stepped up his game a bit and is now dressing up into costumes he has acquired over the past few months.  His favorites are Iron Man, Venom, Football player, and yes - he still wears his beloved Spidey costume.  His newest character is The Cat In The Hat, which he will wear and try to recite any lines he can remember from the movie.  I, of course, am stuck playing the role of Krinklebein.  Carlos K. Krinklebein.  We have a lot of fun with his characters, except for when he decides he wants to be the football player and chases down his sister.  He has tackled her on a few occasions, resulting in an immediate time-out followed with kisses and hugs for his baby sister who has learned how to roll with the punches (poor thing!).
Dad is recovering from a torn Achilles and has managed to heal up quite well - and just in time too, because I was literally going crazy there for a minute with all the driving, running around, dr's appointments - ugh!  For those that don't know, Jerret tore his Achilles while playing basketball at the Y.  He had surgery to repair the tendon and was on crutches, in the boot, limping, etc. for a few weeks.  JJ will pretend to be a basketball player at times and always falls to the ground and "hurts his leg."  It is hilarious that this kid thinks it is just a part of playing basketball. 
The kids got their first taste of summer yesterday as it was nearly 90 degrees out and they played in the pool at Nana's house.  The baby LOVES being outside and was hysterical at the thought of having to come in.  Jerret brought the kids home around 8:00 and she was still sobbing when he walked through the door. 
We will definitely have to plan a few trips this summer now that dad can walk again!