Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Pics

JJ is doing great. He has been having a "terrible three's" past couple of weeks where every other word is "No!" and he keeps telling us that he is the boss.  We have started getting this under control though and he is learning that good behavior brings reward.   He is such a funny kid. I can see so much of myself in him at times. He has picked up on so many of my behaviors/habits, usually little things that I do and don't even think about.  He loves to sing and has down the words to a few country songs - Big Green Tractor, Chicken Fried, and It Happens are a few that I have heard him singing. And if I start to sing along he holds his hand up to me and says "No, I do it myself!"   He's growing like crazy and loves playing with this baby.  She wants to do everything that he does and loves to chase him around the house. 

JJ and his sissy

JJ with his war paint.  Notice the "Simba" line across the forehead.

We signed JJ up for soccer this year.  He is into week 6 of a 12-week program and does incredibly well for this being his first time playing.  After the first session, which was for beginners, the coach moved him up a level and said he would be bored in the first class.

He really wanted to use that tool...

Baby's first Christmas.  She just turned 1 :)