Sunday, July 29, 2007

New JJ Pics

Ok, so we're a tad camera happy in this family. Below are some recent pics of JJ enjoying his summer. He loves being outside - and loves the pool even more!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kool Aid Popsicles and General Hospital

Jerret is always teasing JJ about what a sweet life he has. Babies – or at least the lucky ones – have it made with someone to feed, bathe, and diaper them; someone to hold them when they’re tired, and hug them when they are sad; someone to kiss their boo boos and make the pain disappear with the magic of a band-aid. But it’s not just JJ…being a kid is sweet, period. And being a kid is even better in the summertime.

Watching as the kids in the neighborhood ride their scooters down the middle of the street and share stories while strolling down the sidewalk takes me back to a time when I too had little more to worry about than finding a friend to play outside with, or what teacher I was going to have when school started in September.

I remember the days of Kool-Aid Popsicles made in an ice cube tray and 25-cent lemonade stands to help beat the heat.

I remember begging my mom to call my aunt Charlene and ask if we could come over and swim as they were one of the few lucky enough to have a pool.

I remember staying at Grandma’s house for weeks at a time and watching her sit on the couch peeling potatoes as the theme to General Hospital played in the background, signaling that it was 3:00 and Grandpa was on his way home.

I remember mom making popcorn in a pan on the stove and not even having a microwave.

I remember when it was a treat to go to McDonald’s, and you were even luckier if you were allowed to eat inside!

I remember when visits to the ice cream store were a rare occasion and a vanilla cone with eyes and sprinkles put a smile on everyone’s face.

I remember playing t-ball on a team where we wore matching t-shirts and hats, but jeans rather than baseball pants.

I remember using my own money for buying my new pink and white bicycle.

I remember shopping for school clothes and being cautious enough to know it was NOT OK to spend $50 on a pair of shoes.

I remember swimming at Crane Creek and eating bologna sandwiches for lunch.

I remember when a family vacation was a one-hour drive to Cedar Point and one night in a hotel room.

I remember dad taking us to by kites in the spring and flying them at the park on Sunday afternoons.

I sometimes wonder if kids today are too spoiled. When did it stop being a privilege to get a new toy or outfit, or to have dinner in a restaurant? When did it become complacent for us to roboticly answer “yes” when our little ones shouted “Can I have some gum?” in the check-out line of the grocery store.

I will do my best to give JJ some of the best times of his life. I will do my best to give him memories that he will always remember because they were special times and not the norm. I will show him how to put a playing card in the spokes of his bike to make it sound like a motorcycle. I will teach him how to put his napkin in his lap while he eats and order from the waitress himself. I will give him an allowance and teach him to work for the things he wants or thinks he needs.

He will know, as I did, that mom will always be there to reel him back in if he ever gets too demanding and Grandma is there to spoil him just a little at the right times.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm Behind!

For some reason I haven't been able to log into blogger lately so I am severely behind in my updates. JJ is doing well and is now saying "wow wow wow" and "ball" about 50 times a day. No walking for us yet, but it is getting very close - yeah, we are totally jealous of AP! A few of the Kyrgyz adoptive families got together for an impromptu reunion down in SC last week and we were totally bummed that we weren't there. Plus, we missed the big CWA reunion that was held at Myrtle Beach last month. We really want JJ to see him Kyrgyz "cousins" so hopefully we'll make it down for a reunion soon.
We've been having some troubles getting JJ to sleep lately. He fights it and fights us every night and Jerret is in the room next door as we speak, trying to get that boy to lay down. He just wants to play, play, play and flashes that 1000-watt smile and we just have a hard time telling him no.

Last weekend we went out to dinner for my brother's birthday and had terrible service. We waited about 45 minutes for our food and JJ was just getting antsy, as any kid would. We fed him some of my cottage cheese and crackers and he was as happy as can be. I think that he'll be feeding himself with a spoon any day now.

3 weeks until my big birthday. Yes, I will be turning 30 and am just cringing at the thought. I don't know why but I can't stand the fact that I will be 30 already! I took the day off work in lieu of a total mental breakdown, which I wouldn't want anyone at work to witness.

Here are some updated pics of JJ.