Friday, April 18, 2008

My Adoption Soap Box

After watching a recent 60 Minutes episode, Jerret and I were reminded of the strife occurring daily in the lives of so many innocent children - children who dream of a better life, and pray each night that God sends a family to love and care for them. As many of you know, my long-time blog readers, finding JJ was the very best thing that has ever happened to our family. And given the opportunity or resources, we would certainly welcome the opportunity to adopt another child who needs a home. It breaks my heart to know that there are so many families out there who want to adopt, but are unable to do so because of their personal finances or something as silly as age [some parents are deemed to “old” to adopt, and others too young, as in the case of Chinese adoption which requires both parents to be age 30 or older].

Why must it be so difficult to match families with children who need a home and a family? Why must it be so hard for these children who have nothing ? Many of these kids have no personal possessions whatsoever. The only thing JJ left his orphanage with was his wet diaper that he had probably been sitting in all day (they took the fresh one I had brought with me and added it to their own stash). He didn’t even get back the blanket we sent over to him a month before we went to pick him up. Personal possessions aside, all these kids really want is L-O-V-E. All they need is you.

As desperate as the situation is over there, imagine being an older child and knowing that with each day that passes, your chances of finding a forever family also fades a little more. Imagine seeing children around you being adopted and moved to be with their new families as you kneel in prayer each night that your turn is next. Imagine for a second that you never had a mother or father to love and care for you and not having an explanation as to why.

A Canadian man named John Wright and his wife Julie have recently travelled to Kyrgyzstan where they will live for the next 6 months with their two teen-age daughters, caring for and providing basic needs to the orphans in Kyrgyzstan – specifically in Tokmok, where JJ lived. Please take a minute and view John’s webpage to see the good work they are doing. His blog link has been on my home page for a while now. John is a living example of someone who is willing to take action and trust that God will provide. He and his family have already done what so many of us need to do – to stop worrying about material possessions and focus on the two things that are most important – love and family.

In the long-run, does it really matter if you drive a BMW? Will spending $40,000 on an in-ground pool help make you a better person? Would spending $30,000 on a new Harley really provide you more joy than giving a child a whole new life? I am not trying to knock anyone here or cast stones, as I myself live in a glass house, but it does give you something to think about .


SCmartins said...

I can't think about that too much or I'll end up with a dozen!! But, Amen to what you said!!! I really am praying that the kink in the Kyrgyz program gets cleared up and families can continue to travel there.

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Ditto. I'm with you, given the resources, I would have a dozen :)

Julie & John Wright said...

It's easier than you think... We set the exact date of out journey 3 years ago when it seemd like a forever dream... and befor we could think of the conciquences.... we were hear.... loving every munite of it... that said, Julie and the girls are siting here right now crying because they have fallen in love with a family of five... and we have already committed to supporting another family of five here..... I am trying to keep myself distracted from the reality around me right now. I sold the car and morgaged the house to get here.... I sure wish I had a BMW or a Harley in the Garage...... I would sell them in a heart beat as well to buy 5 more plane tickets home!

Jamie said...

Amen, sister! :)