Saturday, March 01, 2008

Snow Days

We've had plenty of snow around here lately - enough to last until spring. I have no idea why this post is underlined. I've tried to fix it but can't. Weird. Anyway - below are some pics of us playing outside with JJ in the snow. He LOVES the snow and runs to the window to watch Jerret when he goes outside to use the tractor/snowblower. His favorite thing to do is eat the snow and if we don't let him, he collects whatever we bring in on our shoes and tries to eat that.


gina7277 said...

Bella tried to eat the snow off my tire the other day! Man, kids are gross!

Tapsalteerie said...

You know snow only lasts like a day here. Bad for the kids, great for us :) There's nothing ickier than trying to feed farm animals in slushy cold snow/mud.

BTW... Thanks :)