Thursday, March 13, 2008

Look At The Tough Guy!

I am so impressed with the definition in JJ's arm that I had to show you all this pic. Jerret always talks about how strong JJ is and the other night he was lifting himself up between two chairs and balancing himself using only his hands (kinda like a gymnast does). It was spaghetti night when this picture was taken and we learned our lesson with trying to get tomato sauce stains out of JJ's clothes.

In other news...Aunt Bea isn't going to be able to watch JJ for a while. Her father-in-law has a serious staph infection and has been hospitalized and Bea needs to spend her time up there so we need to find somewhere else to take JJ. The problem is that we don't really have anyone else who can watch him on a consistent basis, so it looks like daycare for us. I am really not excited about this prospect, but there isn't any other option as I haven't yet been able to convince Jerret that I should stay at home.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't understand people who look down on daycare/preschool? They like to make people feel bad for sending their kids there. My children love it. It teaches them social skills like how to interact with children their age, and how to share. Most people I know that send their kids to sitters do so because it's cheaper than daycare, and their children don't play well with other kids.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous - daycare has been nothing but good for my 3 year old. And I really do hate when people look at daycare as detention camp. I personally choose to work because that's why I went to school - to be self sufficient and not rely on my husband. I also work because the income allows us to do so much more and provide so much more as far as providing for him, vacations, etc.

I feel that if you want to be a stay at home mom, that's great - go for it. Do realize though that your life style will have to change. And if you did go to college, once JJ is in school, then what will you do to prepare yourself for the upcoming youngsters fighting for a job. They will have the advantage. Be prepared to fight a tough workforce and explain how you have kept up on the latest while caring for your son.

Its a lot to consider and for those moms that work full time, NEVER feel as if you are neglecting your child. Its quality time, not quantity of time.

Maybe consider part-time and meet your husband in the middle?

Brand New Mama said...

I really don't mind daycare for JJ when it gets a little older (maybe 2 1/2 or 3?? I am just not sure that he is ready yet. I think he really benefits from the 1-on-1 interaction with Aunt Bea and she has taught him so much already. On the other hand, he does need to improve his socialization skills and maybe the other children at the center will help him learn to talk! This parenting thing is tough!


smileysk8 said...

It's gotta be hard to leave your kiddo at daycare for the first time (and second and third..) but I am sure if you research your options you will find a great one that you feel comfortable with. I haven't had to do daycare but know lots of people do. I hope you find peace if you need to put him in daycare. He looks like he has grown! What a cutie! God bless!

Angie said...

Hey - I wanted to let you know that Heath sent his kids to the Gathering Place in Oregon for pre-school and he was very pleased with it. I looked at the one out by our house and fell in love with it - it's a good Christian school. It was my second choice after Appletree (which I really, really love - and is so convenient for me being on campus - I could see if they have toddler openings if you'd want - although it may be too far for you).