Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We had a quiet Easter this year. Saturday night we went to my dad’s house and had dinner with my grandpa, sister and her 3 kids, and my bother and nephews. Dad lives next door to my great-great Aunt Edna who is 95 years old. She lives all alone and does great except for the fact that she needs a walker to get around. She is such a sweet lady and her mind still sharp as a tack. Dad and I took dinner over to her and visited for a while. She asked right away how JJ was and had he not been sick I would have taken him to see her. I think my family has great genes. My great grandfather lived to be 97 years old, my great grandmother was 92, my great uncle was 92, and we have Aunt Edna still going strong. I’ll have to ask her what the secret is.

Sunday morning we went to church, which was great as usual, but we still aren’t able to take JJ. He just doesn’t do well with us leaving him there. Maybe once he starts preschool things will be different. Go here to check out the service (click on "watch Message Now"). After church we had lunch at Jerret’s parents house followed by naps! I do have pics of us dying Easter eggs with JJ, but haven’t gotten them off of the camera yet.
Anyway – here are some pics of JJ.
PS – anyone know how to get red Easter egg dye out of carpet?


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Love the "what chu talkin' bout Willis" lips!

Jackie said...

Love the pics of your little man. He is becoming more and more handsome :)