Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sad Day...

Jerret left for China today. He is scheduled to be gone for 6 weeks, but he thought things could go well enough that he might get to come home early. Although, last I heard, the machines they are installing at the new plant are stuck in Customs and who knows when they will be released. Regardless, Jerret has only been gone one day and it wasn't a walk in the park. JJ definitely noticed Jerret's absence and really wasn't himself tonight. Bedtime was pretty sad and I felt so bad for JJ that I let him fall asleep next to me in bed. We will be Skyping daddy often during his trip. Hopefully, it helps...

My first day (4 hours) as a single parent went something like this...
  1. Picked JJ up from Aunt Bea's house
  2. Fed him green beans as I was microwaving chicken strips I got from the Schwan's man
  3. Put the chicken in for 4 minutes as the package said
  4. Spilled 1/2 a gallon of milk while getting JJ a cup
  5. Noticed smoke and a burning smell coming from the microwave and realized God was punishing me for feeding my baby microwaved chicken strips for dinner
  6. Threw burnt chicken strips into garbage where they proceeded to burn a hole through the bottom of the bag, making a nice exit point for the milk-soaked paper towels I JUST threw in there
  7. Let JJ go play while I made him an omelet instead
  8. Found him minutes later shoving the plunger in and out of the toilet (no doubt a trick learned from his father)
  9. Kicked JJ out of the bathroom and cleaned up the toilet water mess
  10. Only to find him seconds later in bathroom #2, squirting a bottle of my lotion into the bowl
  11. Held JJ for an hour while he cried, realizing that his daddy wasn't here :(

Jerret dropped JJ off with Bea this morning and said it was hard. I could tell he was sad, and JJ is such a daddy's boy that he probably won't take things well. It wasn't an easy evening, but I was happy just being with my baby. And I still say I would be totally cool with being an at-home mom. I'm not saying it's easy, I'm just saying I'd be cool with it!


SCmartins said...

I can't imagine being husbandless for 6 weeks. I'm praying everything will go well for you. Mark is going to be gone for a week the end of this month and I'm already dreading it!!

Gen 's Family Story said...

Hilarity, but also hard! They always seem to act out when Daddy's away. My Johnny often has to do 7 nite shifts in a row and that really makes for miserable but doesn't compare as he is home for a couple hrs, just a zombie. I'll pray for both of you during this time!

Kami and Scott said...

Hi! I've been wanting to leave a comment for quite a while. We are near Dayton, OH and returned home with our son from Kyrg this past October. My husband is an Air Force and civilian pilot. He is gone quite often. He leaves Sunday for 6 weeks of training. Ugh...we KNOW how you feel. We love your story and pics of JJ. We enjoyed our first Christmas with our son. E-mail us sometime.

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Hoping you are holding up ok!

Michelle said...

It will get a little easier - I am sure. I was a single mom before I knew what it was like to have a real partner and the thought of going back is no fun! I hope your 6 weeks goes by fast and he comes home early. Also, Gerber has little toddler tv dinners that are a total rip off so you can feel better about feeding them to your kids!