Saturday, January 12, 2008

JJ's First Slumber Party

My friend Denise and her son Boston (who is 4 days younger than JJ) came over and spent the night with us Friday. Her husband is also working out of town and we thought it a good time to get the boys together - besides, JJ seriously needs to spend some time with kids his own age. JJ was very excited and wound up at first. He was a little aggressive, but chilled out after about 20 minutes and the boys had a blast together.
Saturday morning we woke up and had breakfast. I was making oatmeal for JJ and asked Denise if Boston wanted some. She said that he had only tried oatmeal one other time and spit it out, but that we could try again. Boston immediately began gagging upon taking his first bite and didn't stop until he threw up the yogurt he had earlier. I am going to take this as a sign that Boston doesn't like oatmeal.
After breakfast we went walking at the mall where JJ enjoyed his first ride (you know- those 50 cent kiddie rides that go back and forth) and then to lunch. It was a great day. I would LOVE to show you some pictures, but Jerret took the camera with him to China. Of course, I do have my 35mm, but do you think I thought enough to bust that out?
Here are some pics of JJ at Grandma's house last weekend. They have one of those huge bathtubs that could fit 14 people and JJ is terrified of it. Instead he has taken to bathing in the kitchen sink, which he loves, although it looks as though he is going to outgrow it soon!

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