Friday, November 03, 2006

I Wrote This For My Mom...

To Ling –

There are some lessons learned in life
That only a mother can teach
And of these many, many things
My mother taught me these…

Not to sweat the small stuff
And it’s all so small it seems
To save money, spend it wisely
And live within my means

To play the music nice and loud
And sing with all my might
To say whatever is on my mind
And never back down from a fight

You’ll need an egg to make a meatloaf
And to make a good omelette you’ll need three
That everyone deserves a chance
Whether yellow, black, brown, or green

To take care of those who have much less
And help with what you can
There are so many who need a friend,
Someone willing to lend a hand

The good shows play on TV
Often after ten
That we women are capable of achieving anything
With or without men

To never let them see you sweat
Even when you’re burning hot
That life can be a little hard
So give it all you got.

I showed it to her last night and told her I would have it framed and placed at the funeral home during her funeral. Is that weird? I mean, we should talk about those things, right?

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