Tuesday, May 27, 2008

JJ's Playground

JJ recently got a new playground at Poppa and Grandma's house. Jerret and his dad found this beauty on-line and put it together for JJ. He loves it so much and gets upset, sometimes crying, when it is time to go inside.

We recently had another one of his post-adoption meetings with the social worker, and his 2-year check up with the doctor. The little boy who wasn't even on the charts a year ago is now 36-inches tall and in the 90% for his age. He weighs 32 lbs and is in the 80% percentile. I guess sneaking scoops of formula into his food until he was 18 months old was worth it! I just hope he continues growing at this pace. He is still saying "no" to everything and doesn't understand the difference between yes and no. So we have lots of fun asking questions like "JJ, do you want a million dollars?" because he always answers "Nooooo." He is so smart and will do anything we ask him to.

Here is a picture in poppa's truck that he is going to re-finish. We call it Mater because it looks like the real Tow-Mater truck from Cars.

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