Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tag - I'm It!

Fellow blogger-momma Andrea at Holding on for the Ride tagged me, which means I am supposed to list 8 interesting/unknown to others/special things about myself. Apparently when I get to 100 posts on my blog, I will need to list 100 other facts about myself so I guess this is good practice...
  1. The first job I was offered after college was as a newspaper reporter. Writing is one of the few things I do well enough at to actually make money at - but then I found out how much newspaper reporters are paid. I couldn't afford to take the job and pay back my student loan!
  2. I was once (actually twice) on the Ricki Lake show. This factoid actually doubles as my "most embarrassing moment." Hey - I was 18, what can I say?
  3. I have always wanted to be famous.
  4. I need to learn to think more before I speak. Sometimes, I can say the nicest thing in the world with no ill-intent at all, and my words are taken completely the wrong way. Maybe that's why I like to write - I have more time to read and re-read my thoughts before they are viewed by others.
  5. My husband and I actually first met in Jr. High (even though we didn't attend the same schools) and I was in LOVE with that boy.
  6. If I could have any job in the world it would be to sit at home and write for a parenting blog or to write books. I actually feel pretty lucky that I get paid to write now, even though it is something as dry as a federal proposal.
  7. I worked two jobs and completed my internship my senior year of college, and still managed to find time for fun!
  8. As a freshman in high school, I tried to break my arm on purpose in order to avoid going out with a boy. (How crazy is that??)
Ok, that's it. And I have thought of a few more that I can use on my list of 100, but we have a while for that one. I am only up to post 60 or something.

I tag: Esther, Amanda, and Mala.


Mala said...

LOL!! Thanks for the tag. OK, you MUST tell us more about your appearance on the Rikki Lake Show!!!!!!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

I'm with Mala, what was the topic of the show when you were on?????

TheHappyNeills said...

thanks for stopping by our blog! i've been browsing yours a bit, will read more in depth when it's not so late! HUGE congratulations!!!! i think you should do a "if you are adopting from kg" post--any advice or pointers that stand out in your mind! :)

Nathan, Amanda, Violet & Anara said...

Absolutely pathetic I know but I finally posted my 8 not-so-interesting facts.