Monday, January 08, 2007

Getting Closer...

We are getting closer...we really are! I thought this day would never come, and this process that we began a year ago may finally be coming to an end!

Today I will receive the very last form we need to complete our dossier! It is the State of Ohio police background checks for myself and Jerret. I have been tracking this package since November, and found out a few days before Christmas that my application was rejected. I sent a check for $16.00 (just as the lady on the phone instructed me to do) and sure enough, they don't take personal checks. Getting this information nearly made me cry, as I thought we were so close. I couldn't even wrap my mind around this new delay or how to remedy the situation, so I called a friend of mine and asked for ideas on getting this paper back in the shortest amount of time. A money order and two FedEx envelopes later, I will have my package! And according to the trusty FedEx tracking site, it will be here by 2:30!!!!

The next (and one of the final before traveling to get our little JJ) step is to take our dossier to the state capital for authentication. I will drive it to Columbus later this week and then FedEx the entire package to our Agency! I can't wait. We are so close!

As you may have noticed, we have decided on a name for our baby. Until he is here I will refer to him as JJ. Yes, those are his initials, and I really wish I could tell you but the whole attachment know how it goes.


JILL said...

Lori, I want to thank you for typing these blogs to let people know what is going on. I enjoy reading them. So keep on posting. I can't wait for lil JJ to get here. I am excited to see him.

Pop ARF said...

Hello Lori, Remember me? Well, maybe you remember my son, Nathan. He's the modern dog artist I talked about all the time. I worked with you at SSOE in 2001-2002. That was a great job and it was an excellent stepping stone on my career path. So much has happened along the way...from the day the twin towers fell all the way to has had its depressing downs but it also has had its wonderful ups. Jen was kind enough to pass along your link, so that's how I knew where to find your blog! Marie