Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Children Who Are Still Waiting....

For those of you who are not of the Krygyz adoption community - take a look at this.

JJ was one of only 152 children adopted from Kyrgyzstan in a 3-year time period.  Foreign adoptions have since ceased all together in Kyrgyzstan, but not without some significant collateral damage.  At present, 65 children are caught in the political nightmare that has unfolded in Kyrgyzstan - stuck between US bureaucrats trying to follow the rules and foreign officials unwilling to be the person responsible for removing the red tape.  These 65 children were in the process of being adopted, and had even been matched with their forever families.  US families who already love them are here, waiting patiently for their children to come home, trying to ignore the proven facts that are associated with children who grow up in an institution - or at least push it out of their minds as best as they can because it is so hard to deal with when you know the statistics. 

Have you ever heard that when a smoker decides to quit (for good) that they instantly become healthier?  The minute a smoker decides to give up cigarettes, their whole life changes.  It is the same for institutionalized children.  The minute they are placed into the care of their forever families - dynamic changes begin to occur. We witnessed this first-hand when our JJ was brought home with a condition called rickets (lack of Vitamin D) that caused his legs to bow.  By simply exposing him to outdoor sunlight, one hour a WEEK, and providing him with proper nutrition, he has been cured of this ailment.  It's that simple folks.  One-on-one love and attention, and that of an entire family, will give these children lives that may not have otherwise been possible. And 65 families wait, with papers in hand, to bring their babies home.

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