Monday, July 26, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I can't believe we have made it past the halfway point already this year and I feel like not much has been accomplished.  We are still planning to build our new house before JJ starts kindergarten (fall 2011), and thankfully we have settled on a location (although we still need an architect, builder, plans, time, etc).  JJ attends preschool 3x's per week and Jerret is wanting to enroll him full-time in Pre-K at a nearby private school.  I am of the opinion that he has the rest of his life to go to school, so why not let the kid have some fun before he enters the education machine?  We also need to decide if it is time to put the baby in school, at least part-time.  JJ really did learn quite a bit when he started preschool, and he seems to do well, and let's face it - I certainly can't teach them everything, so maybe it's time. 

JJ is still swimming 3-4 times a week, and doing well.  He finally graduated from the "kid pool" which is actually a hot tub, to the main swimming pool, and is now swimming in the pond.  We definitely need to add a pool to our list of needs at the new house.

The kid is crazy brave.  His sister is taking notes and becoming quite the guppy herself.  She will step right into a swimming pool, clothes and all, if given the chance. 

JJ is still playing dress-up daily and has grown a new fascination with tails.  He will grab any long thing he can find - a belt, scarf, even dad's earplugs from work (that are on a cord), his rubber snake - and will stick one end down his shorts, thus giving himself a "tail."  A few weeks ago he asked me if he could wear his tail to school, and since I didn't see the harm, I agreed.  He walked into the classroom that day beaming from ear to ear, approaching his friends one by one to say hi, standing slightly to the side so they could each take in the glory of his tail. 

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Michelle said...

THese all sound like fun decisions! We recently acquired a pool and I was skeptical at first....but I LOVE having one. The kids have become little fishies...We are doing some heavy duty remodelling and have an architect too...hope you blog about your building so I can learn from you!!!!