Friday, September 04, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conference Part 2

Well, he's out. They are sending him back to the 2/3 yr. old class and will have to wait until he is accident-free for 2 weeks before we can try again with the big kids. He is going to be so disappointed. He is very aware that he was moved up to the "big kid room" and that the 2/3 yr old class was for little kids who use diapers. But the teacher explained that it is more a health risk/consideration than anything and they are just not equipped to deal with children who are not potty trained. Oh well. In all fairness, he has been really lazy about going #2 and will hold it as long as possible before just going in his pants. What else can we do?

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Michelle said...

boys are very, very, very do-good (ie goody two shoes) 9 yo son couldn't get the whole potty training thing together until right before kindergarten. It happens. Peer pressure is also a pretty good potty training ploy!