Friday, April 24, 2009

Lovin' Life

I think we have officially hit the terrible two's. Poor JJ has been pretty temperamental lately and fussy about different things - especially eating. The other day he smacked at Jerret and absolutely refused to apologize. We put him to bed early and I had a talk with him explaining that when you hurt someone or hurt their feelings, you need to say sorry and give hugs. He instantly gave me a hug and kiss, but when I told him that he needed to apologize to daddy, he cried and cried and said "no, no, no". He also squeezed Lynde a little hard (on purpose) the other day and again, would not apologize. It's crazy to think that his little mind understands that the words "I'm sorry" are indeed an apology and something that he didn't want to have any part of.

The Easter Bunny was pretty good to JJ this year except for one minor detail...Our Easter Bunny doesn't bring candy!! Can you believe it? Who is this rotten bunny anyway? I felt bad for the little guy so I gave him an extra pack of m&m's I had left over from helping my brother make baskets for his kids. We also had a good time coloring eggs, but we don't really like to eat the eggs so we just took a couple over to poppa.

Jack is loving his baby Lynde. He wants her to sleep in his bed so bad and every evening when we go to say goodnight, he will scoot over and say "Lynde lay here" so the other night I laid her down to make him happy. He was in 7th heaven getting to be with his sissy - that is until I had to take her back.

This is JJ's new toy at Poppa and Nana's house. He calls his horse swing "Black Beauty."

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Michelle said...

Aack...your babies are so big! It is just a will wake up one day and your sweet little boy will be back...until then...GOOD LUCK!!!