Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We're Getting Close & The Nemo Ban

I've been busy trying to get Christmas shopping done and out of the way early this year. I even started wrapping last night so that Jerret wouldn't be stuck not knowing who gets what or where things are at just in case we have this baby early. I am thinking that she is going to come early, but still feel like she is way high and I have a constant foot under the ribs to prove it. In fact, I am nervous she is going to be born with a broken foot because I have felt this pain every day, in the exact same spot, for about the past 3 weeks. She is tossing and turning all around, but I am convinced that her foot is stuck.

JJ is finally getting used to the idea of having a baby and actually acknowledges her by name now. He still goes into her room and tries to climb in the crib saying "JJ bed" until we explain that JJ has a big boy bed now and this bed is only for babies.

JJ has really started getting into movies lately and we ended up buying him the Monsters, Inc. DVD in hope that he would realize how nice Sully actually is, and it is working so far. Then we borrowed Finding Nemo from Aunt Jill and once again traumatized the poor kid. He was so distraught when 1) Nemo's mom dies 2) The fish eggs disappeared and 3) When Nemo was taken by the scuba diver. Poor JJ stood in front of the TV with tears in his eyes shouting "Nemo, Nemo!" for a good 2-3 minutes. (Who ever said these movies are for kids?). And at the end of the movie, when Nemo and his father were reunited we had full on crying as though something awful just happened. So again, Jerret and I had to sit there and explain that everything was Ok, that Nemo found his daddy, but JJ still cried and cried. So we had to put a ban on watching Nemo in the Hartman house.


Michelle said...

I always made Lilianna skip the mommy and the barracuda scene...she thinks that Nemo starts when Dad finds the egg. I think that is a great place for that movie to start. Someone pointed out to me once that about 99% of all disney movies start with or start right after a mother dying...what's that all about!

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