Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Reunion and The Tourist Trap

We had a great time at the CWA reunion in North Carolina last weekend. It was so great to meet our Kyrgyz bloggie friends - Gen, Andrea, Shea, Jamie, and Esther. We also got to reunite with the Estes family who we have not seen since we traveled to Kyrgyzstan to pick up our little ones. Here is a pic of their son Ben and JJ giving each other a high five.

This is a pic of JJ and AP who were in the Tokmok orphanage together. JJ knocked her down shortly after the hug.
And this is one of our favorite little girls, Aliya. Her family traveled with us on our journey to Kyrgyzstan.

After the CWA picnic, we took my nephews to Gatlinsburg, TN for a little vacation. So many people told me it was a tourist trap and I had no idea what that actually meant until we were there. We had fun anyway though. The boys seemed to enjoy themselves. Here is a pic of the boys and I in the garage before we left on our trek.

JJ loved having the big boys around. He wanted to be one of them so bad. The boys were taking their suitcases into the hotel and JJ had to do what they were doing, so he began pulling his backpack behind him. The handle on his pack is broken though so it was hilarious to watch him pull his broken-handled bag everywhere he went.


SCmartins said...

It was great to see you all again! Too bad you couldn't be with us afterwards - we had a great time! It was very relaxing; a cottage with A/C :) and lots of toys for the kids! We also had awesome food that Shea and her Mom had fixed!

Gen 's Family Story said...

Love the photos!!! Gatlinburg is a kick, it's like being on the midway of a state fair:) Did you hit any of those wax museums? We were there while thru hiking the Appalacian trail and it shocked us...
We missed you at the after party but glad you had a nice time. I can't believe a difference a year has made in the growth of both JJ & Aliya!