Tuesday, February 05, 2008

He's Home!

Jerret finally arrived home last Friday. I was actually working at the time, and a limo picked him up at the airport and drove him home, only to realize that he couldn't get in the house! His keys were inside the house, and our keypad to the garage door stopped working a few days after he first left for China. He ended up calling me at work and I came and picked him up and we proceeded to pick up JJ from Aunt Bea's house.

I was so happy that I got to be there when the boys frist saw each other. To say that JJ was excited would be an understatement. I called Bea when we were on our way over and she and JJ were staring out the window waiting for us. She said that when JJ saw our Jeep pulling in he first began calling for me, saying "Mama," but as we got closer and hopped out of the car he saw Jerret and began jumping, literally jumping, and hitting the window grinning from ear to ear. Actually, he was more like laughing hysterically at the idea of his daddy being home - finally! Jerret was ready to cry and said that he can't believe JJ has grown so much in the past month. He said that his motor skills are so much further developed then they were when Jerret left. I thought he was crazy, but after some thought, babies do grow so fast in such a short time. And I was here watching it for the past month, so to me he seems like the same kid, but if I were away for a while, I'd probably see it his way.

We had a very realxing weekend. I was under strict orders from Jerret that we would do NOTHING all weekend. He said he just wanted to be able to chill out in his own house for a while, so that's what we did. Saturday we woke up and went to Bob Evans for breakfast followed by haircuts for the boys, but that was the extent of it. Back home we went and everyone took long naps. When we woke up I was ready to do something - anything. I asked Jerret if he wanted to go to the Sat. night service at church - No. Dinner? - No. Go pick up dinner? - No. We ended up calling and having pizza delivered.

So Jerret and JJ are attached at the hip for the moment. JJ will not do anything without his daddy. Whenever he needs help with something, it is Jerret who has to help. When it is time for bed, Jerret must be the one to lay him down. I wonder how long this could last? I might get myself a nice little break!

Here are some pics of Jerret in China.

In case you couldn't tell, that's him in the Ohio State hard hat. Jerret is a mechanical engineer and was there (in China) to install a new glass machine. Most engineers sit behind a desk drawing all day. Not Jerret - he LOVES to get dirty. (As if you couldn't have guessed).

This is a picture of Jerret and his work friends at the Great Wall. This was Jerret's third time visiting, but I guess that's something that just doesn't get old. Oh - that is him in the middle with the crazy hat. He forgot to pack a warm jacket for the trip, and according to him it was *freezing* that day, so he ended up buying the one he has on in the pic, along with the "cat hat" as we like to call it. He said the hat cost him $1 and I am beginning to wonder what kind of "fur" they used to make that thing.

P.S. - the stupid spell check isn't working in blogger right now, so please forgive my misspellings. I really can't spell that well. - but obviously I can rhyme......


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Glad he got home safely!

Gen 's Family Story said...

Happy Reunion!!! That is so good to hear JJ's reaction. Thanks for the letter info for the hotel, we're going to give it a shot, Otrar is up to 300 now so if we can get something close..
Jerret is a giant over there it seems, glad your family is back together, good JOB holding down the fort.