Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We Just Love This Guy...

Below is a copy of the announcement I created to send out to friends.

So yesterday was tough having to leave JJ at Aunt B's house. She's not actually my aunt, but is the aunt of my cousin Carrie (she watches Carrie's 4-year old too). Aunt B was so sweet and was trying to show JJ how to blow kisses as I walked out the door. She kept saying "Put that one in your pocket mom and save it for later." He did well and Jerret was a little disappointed when he went to pick him up at the end of the day. I guess JJ just sat still next to Aunt B and didn't give Jerret the big open-armed reception that he was hoping for.

If I thought yesterday was hard, today was nearly unbearable. As soon as I put JJ down at B's house he crawled right over to her and raised his arms for her to pick him up. I almost burst into tears on the spot! I was still thinking about it when I arrived at work and needed to be reassured by my friend Becky. She reminded me that Aunt B is going to love him and take care of him as well as I would and that JJ needs a place away from home where he is happy and comfortable. I am so glad that we found B and that she is with JJ when I can't be there. It's hard for Jerret and I right now because we are just getting good at this and now he's away for 8 hours out of the day.


Michelle said...

It is soooo hard - I know. Every time I would drop my baby daughter off at school for at least the first month maybe more - i would remind myself that the more people that love her and that she loves the better. How lucky you are that JJ doesn't scream and cry when you drop him off!

Jackie said...

Your announcement is so cute!! That must be tough with dropping JJ off. I can only imagine since I'm not at this point yet. I'm sure it will get easier and as your friend said, he's at a place where he seems comfortable, is safe and well taken care of. Think about that and the kisses he blows your way.

Julie & John Wright said...

Just dropping by to check in and see how things are going.
all the best

Denise :o) said...

I know the feeling. That's exactly how Ivan acted the first few weeks of daycare. Now, after a good month, he cries when I leave and runs and gives me a big hug when I pick him up. Sometimes though, he'll cry when I pick him up because he doesn't want to leave. That hurts. Give it time... it will change soon. Until then, I know it hurts!!!! ((hugs))

BTW, love the announcement. Too cute!!